Building and deploying for Android-L on Travis

Going to start off with the .travis.yml file and then explain it.

This was based off the configuration found here.

The reason this has to be done stems from this issue on the travis-ci project. Unfortunately, this is a temporary workaround as the travis team needs to find a way to update their images.

  • env

    • ANDROID_TARGET : the source travis config uses android-20, however I chose to use android-L as that's what is used in the build.gradle file as well.
  • before_install : this grabs the new android sdk and updates it for use on this build

  • before_script : this is used specifically for my repository as I have specific properties for the build.

  • script : utilize the gradle wrapper which will automatically get the correct gradle binary and execute the build

  • deploy : based on the guide

    • I personally started this section using the travis cli tool and the command travis setups releases
    • file : use the ${TRAVIS_BUILD_DIR} env var to get the root dir and append the gradle output dir to the string, no plus sign or quotations necessary.
    • on : this is used for conditional deployments
      • tags set to true makes sure the deployment only occurs on tags, this requires the all_branches prop as well due to a known issue.